Grammatological Informatics based on Corpora of Asian Scripts
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Lexicography and Orthography of South Asian Languages (LOSAL)
Kazuhiko MACHIDA(Project Leader)

overview The major languages of South Asia are written in Indic scripts which can go back to the single origin, namely, Brahmi script. The orthography of their scripts, however, don't always retain consistency to spell same words of modern languages. This fact makes language learning and database making more difficult and more complicated. Through our research conducted in recent years, we have arrived at the assumption that the orthographical problems across South Asian languages belonging to different languages families would be, to great extent, able to be classified into definite categories, since they can be ascribed to structual peculiarities of Indic scripts in common.
objective The first stage of our project aims at classifying the orthographical problems caused mainly by the gaps between pronounciations and spellings in the course of history, and offering data on the basis of rich examples in use.

In the second stage we would like to propose moderate orthography for the language proper, and make preparations for publishing dictionaries as well as on-line ones.

Hindu Goddess Sarasvati
Hindi Headword Database which contains about 140,000 words.
Hindi-Japanese-English Dictionary Tentative e-DIC of full-text search which is to be completed in 2004.
Sinhalese-Japanese Dictionary Tentative e-DIC of full-text search which is to be completed in 2004.
Punjabi-Japanese-English Dictionary Tentative e-DIC of full-text search which is to be completed in 2004.
Full text search in Devanagari script in which you can retrieve words and parts of words occurring in Hindi database.
Database of Hindi Classics (DBHC)
The Sanseido Encyclopaedia of Linguistcs in Japanese
Hindi You can retrieve keywords such as `Hindi' in the database of The Sanseido Encyclopaedia of Linguistcs (in Japanese).
LSI (Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India) offers Indian languages' data in high quality images, with keyword Database.
Hind You can retrieve words beginning with `Hind' (e.g. Hindi, Hinostani) in the database of LSI (Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India).
South Asia Languages Resource Center (salrc)
Digital South Asia Library (dsal)
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