Grammatological Informatics based on Corpora of Asian Scripts
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Asian Scripts Technology Infrastructure (ASTI)
Kazuhiko MACHIDA (Project Leader)

overview ASTI stands for Asian Scripts Technology & Infrastructure. It also means "exists" (3rd person, singular present tense of "to be") in Sanskrit. It aims at advancing multiscript-enabling infrastructure for the complex text layout of Asian languages written in various scripts.

This project is carried out jointly with Free Standards Group's Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux).

objective ASTI project aims at enabling greater range of support mainly for Indic scripts in the open source platforms and applications in an integrated fashion as a starting point and taking it to a higher standard, and planning to deploy various Indic scripts.

Initially the project has planed to equip web browsers with Devanagari fonts, and enable flexible input methods in the year 2002, and later expand to include various Indic scripts.

Hindu God Ganesha we salute the revered Ganesha at the commencement of this project
content The joint project with Free Standards Group's Linux Internationalization Initiative(Li18nux) has succeeded in equipping web browser Mozilla with Devanagari fonts in 2003. The fonts, which were developed by ASTI project, are now available on our site. They can be utilized for major web browsers such as IE and word processors such as Microsoft Word, since they are designed on the basis of utf-8 standard.

Devanagari script is used by more than 600 million Hindi speakers world-wide.

Mozilla (released in 2003)
Devanagari fonts (released in 2003)
Download a compressed file of Devanagari fonts developed by GICAS (AA_NAGARI_SHREE.lzh, 136K bytes)
These fonts correspond to levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
Glyphs of Devanagari conjuncts showing the relation between 3 levels set up and glyphs of conjuncts implemented in FONTs (AA_NAGARI_SHREE_L?).
Workbench for Indic Scripts
Some workbenches mainly for our font developers to examine the functions of OTF fonts of Indic scripts. Users can take advantage of the workbenches in order to input spellings in Indic scripts.
Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Gurumukhi, Khmer fonts (to be released in 2004)
Press Release which refers to the annoucement that Free Standards Group and our ASTI Group launched a major project to elevate multilingual environment for Asian scripts to advanced level.
Syllabary of Devanagari script in which you can see Devanagari writing system with transcription rules invented by GICAS.
Hindi Headword Database which contains about 140,000 words.
Hindi-Japanese-English Dictionary Tentative e-DIC of full-text search which is to be completed in 2004.
Sinhalese-Japanese Dictionary Tentative e-DIC of full-text search which is to be completed in 2004.
Punjabi-Japanese-English Dictionary Tentative e-DIC of full-text search which is to be completed in 2004.
Full text search in Devanagari script in which you can retrieve words and parts of words occurring in Hindi database.
Database of Hindi Classics (DBHC)
last update on 2003/06/10

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