[Visiting professors and scholars]
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Each year, the Institute receives several scholars in order to promote research activities here and to encourage international academic co-operation in general.

Name Nationality Specialization Term
Visiting professors and scholars
KENSTOWICZ, Michael John USA, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Loanword Phonology 2008/9/1 - 2009/8/31
WITZEL, Michael Germany, Wales Professor of Sanskrit , Harvard University Path Dependences of Modern Myth and Ethics 2008/9/1 - 2009/2/28
HEINE, Bernd Rüdiger Germany, Professor Emeritus, Institute for African Studies, University of Cologne Geographical Typology in African Languages 2008/9/1 - 2009/8/31
KÖNIG, Christa Germany, Apl. Professor, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Studies on Field Methods of Morpho-syntax in African Languages 2008/9/1 - 2010/8/31
DI COSMO, Nicola Italy, Professor, Institute for Advanced Study The Socio-Economic Study of the Early Qing-Manchu Society 2009/1/1 - 2009/8/31
VOSSEN, Rainer Germany, Professor, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Descriptive Studies of Nilotic Languages 2009/3/1 - 2009/8/31
SHIMIZU, Akitoshi Japan Social Anthropology 2006/4/1 - 2009/3/31
SHIN'E, Toshihiko Japan History 2007/5/11 - 2009/5/10
KAWADOKO, Mutsuo Japan Islamic Archaeology and Cultural History 2007/6/1 - 2009/3/31
Junior Fellows
KARASHIMA, Hiroyoshi Japan Anthropology 2008/4/1 - 2009/3/31
Fujino, Yohei Japan Anthropology 2008/4/1 - 2009/3/31