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meanings of "vah" [1]


1.U; (vahati-te, uvaaha, uuhe, avaakSiit, avoDha, vakSyati-te, voDhum, uuDha; pass. uhyate) carry; bear along; fetch; bear; carry off; marry; have; assume; look to; suffer;

11.(intransitive in this and the following senses) to be borne or carried on; flow (as rivers); blow (as wind); breathe


meanings of "vah" [2]


caus. 1.U; (vaahayati-te) cause to bear or carry; drive; traverse; use; place in a boat; proceed; carry out; go to


meanings of "vah" [3]


desid. 1.U; (vivakSati-te) wish to carry &c.