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meanings of "vRt" [1]


4.A; (vRtyate) choose; distribute


meanings of "vRt" [2]


10.U; (vartayati-te) shine


meanings of "vRt" [3]


1.A; (vartate but Paras. also in the Aorist, Second Future and Conditional; also in the Desiderative; vavRte, avRtat-avartiSTa, vartiSyate-vartsyati, vartitum, vRtta) be; be in any particular condition or circumstances; happen; move on; be maintained or supported by (fig. also); turn; occupy or engage oneself (with loc.); act (usually with loc. or by itself); act a part; act up to; have the sense of; tend or conduce to (with dat.); rest or depend upon


meanings of "vRt" [4]


caus. 1.A; (vartayati-te) cause to be or exist; cause to move or turn round; brandish; do; perform; spend (as time); live on; relate; perceive; study; shine; speak; shed (as tears)


meanings of "vRt" [5]


desid. 1.A; (vivRtsati, vivartiSate)