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meanings of "smR" [1]


5.P; (smRNoti)

1. to please;

2. to protect;

3. to live


meanings of "smR" [2]


1.P; (smarati, smRta; pass. smaryate)

1. (a). to remember; (b). to call to mind;

2. to recite mentally or call upon the name of a deity &c.;

3. to lay down or record in a <&smRti>;

4. to declare;

5. to remember with;

6. to teach


meanings of "smR" [3]


caus.; (smaarayati-te, but smarayati-te in the last sense)

1. to cause to remember;

2. to give information;

3. to cause to remember with regret


meanings of "smR" [4]


desid.; (susmuurSate)

1. to wish to recollect