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meanings of "sidh" [1]


4.P; (sidhyati, siSedha, asidhat, setsyati, seddhvum, siddha; caus. saadhayati or sedhayati; desid. siSitsati)]

1. to be accomplished or fulfilled;

2. to be successful;

3. to reach;

4. to attain one's object;

5. to be proved or established;

6. to be settled or adjudicated;

7. to be thoroughly prepared or cooked;

8. to be won or conquered;


meanings of "sidh" [2]


1.P; (sedhati, siddha)

1. to go;

2. to ward or drive off;

3. to restrain;

4. to interdict;

5. to ordain;

6. to turn out well or auspiciously