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meanings of "prakRti" [1]


1.the natural condition or state of anything;

2.natural disposition;




6.(in saaG. phil.) nature (as distinguished from puruSa);

7.(in gram.) the radical or crude form of a word to which case-terminations and other affixes are applied;

8.a model;

9.a woman;

10.the personified will of the Supreme Spirit in the creation;

11.the male or female organ of generation;

12.a mother;

13.(in arith.) a coefficient;

14.(in anatomy) temperament of the humours; animal; artisan;

17.the Supreme Being;

18.eight forms of the Supreme Being;

19.the way of life


meanings of "prakRti" [2]{i-stem}

1.a king's ministers;

2.the subjects (of a king);

3.the constituent elements of the state;

4.the various sovereigns to be considered in case of war;

5.the eight primary elements out of which everything else is evolved according to the saaGkhyas;

6.the five primary elements of creations