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meanings of "maNDala" [1]




meanings of "maNDala" [2]


1.circular array of troops;

2.a dog;

3.a kind of snake


meanings of "maNDala" [3]


1.a circular orb;

2.the charmed circle (drawn by a conjurer);

3.a disc, especially of the sun or moon;

4.the halo round the sun or moon;

5.the path of orbit of a heavenly body;

6.a multitude;


8.a great circle;

9.the visible horizon;

10.a district or province;

11.a surrounding district or territory;

12.(in politics) the circle of a king's near and distant neighours;

13.a particular position of the feet in shooting;

14.a kind of mystical diagram used in invoking a divinity;

15.a division of the Rgveda (the whole collection being divided into 10 maNDalas or eight aSTakas);

16.a kind of leprosy with round spots;

17.a kind of perfume;

18.a circular bandage (in surgery);

19.a sugar-ball;

20.sexual dalliance;

21.a circular gait;

22.a play-board