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meanings of "guNa" [1]


1.of good quality


meanings of "guNa" [2]


1.a quality (good or bad);

2.a good quality;

3.use (with instr. usually);


5.a single thread or string;

6.the bow-string;

7.the string of a musical instrument;

8.a sinew;

9.a quality;

10.a quality, characteristic or property of all substances, one of the seven categories of padaarthas of the vaizeSikas (the number of these properties is 24); ingredient or constituent of nature, any one of the three properties belonging to all created things (these are sattva, rajas and tamas);

12.a wick; object of sense (these are five ruupa, rasa, gandha, sparza, and zabda);


15.a secondary element;

16.excess; adjective;

18.the substitution of e, o, ar and al for i, u, R (short or long) and L, or the vowels a, e, o and ar and al;

19.(in rhet.) quality considered as an inherent property of a rasa or sentiment;

20.(in gram. and miim.) property considered as the meaning of a class of words;

21.(in politics) a proper course of action;

22.the number 'three' (derived from the three qualities);

23.the chord of an arc (in geom.); organ of sense;

25.a subordinate dish;

26.a cook; epithet of bhiima as in yudhiSThiro@pi guNapriyaH;


29.a multiplier (in math.);


31.the peculiar property of letters which are pronounced with external utterance