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meanings of "garbha"


1.the womb;

2.a foetus;

3.the time of conception;

4.the child (in the womb);

5.a child;

6.the inside (in comp. in this sense and translated by 'full of', 'filled with', 'containing' &c.);

7.the offspring of the sky, i. e. the vapours and fogs drawn upwards by the rays of the sun during 8 months and sent down again in the rainy season; inner apartment;

9.any interior chamber;

10.a hole;;;

13.the rough coat of the jack-fruit;

14.the bed of a river, especially of the Ganges on the fourteeth day of the dark half of bhaadrapada or in the very height of the rains when the river is fullet;

15.the fruit (of plants);


17.the calyx of a lotus;

18.(in dramas) one of the sandhis q. v.