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meanings of "brahman" [1]


1.the Supreme Being, regarded as impersonal and divested of all quality and action;

2.a hymn of praise;

3.a sacred text;

4.the Vedas;

5.the sacred and mystic syllable OM;

6.the priestly or Brahmanical class (collectively);

7.the power or energy of a braahmaNa;

8.religious penance or austerities;

9.celibacy; emancipation or beatitude;


12.the braahmaNa portion of the Veda;


15.a braahmaNa;


17.the braahmaNahood;

18.the soul;

19.see brahmaastra;

20.the gaayatrii mantra


meanings of "brahman" [2]


1.the Supreme Being, the Creator, the first deity of the sacred Hindu Trinity, to whom is emtrusted the work of creating the world;

2.a braahmaNa;

3.a devout man; of the four ritvijas or priests employed at a Soma sacrifice; conversant with sacred knowledge;

6.the sun;

7.intellect; epithet of the seven prajaapatis; epithet of bRhaspati;

10.the planet Jupiter;

11.the world of brahmaa;

12.of ziva