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meanings of "akSa" [1]

m.{a-stem} axis;

2.the pole of a cart;

3.a cart;

4.the beam of a balance;

5.terrestrial latitude;

6.a die for playing with;

7.the seed of which rosaries are made;

8.a weight equal to 16 maaSas and called karSa; of the plant Terminalia Belerica the seed of which is used as a die;

10.a shrub producing the rosary seed, Eleocarpus Ganitrus;

11.a serpent;

12.garuuDa; of a son of raavaNa;

14.the soul;

15.knowledge (usually, sacred);;

17.a person born blind;

18.the lower part of the temples;

19.the base of a column;

20.the window-like part of a swing;

21.gambling (in general)


meanings of "akSa" [2]

n.{a-stem} organ of sense;

2.the eye (only at the end of comp.);

3.sachal salt; vitriol