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meanings of "aGka" [1]


1.A; (aGkate) move in a curve

[aGka1] #00404

meanings of "aGka" [2]


10.U; (aGkayati-te aGkayitum) mark; enumerate; brand; walk

[aGka2] #00405

meanings of "aGka" [3]


1.the lap (n. also);

2.a mark;

3.a numerical figure;

4.a side flank; act of a drama, for its nature &c.;

6.a hook or curved instrument;

7.a species of dramatic composition; ornament;

9.a sham fight;

10.a coefficient;

11.a place;

12.a sin;

13.a line;

14.the body;

15.a mountain