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#, [P] < Lai bajhua adj. Gossiping, false #(word, people).

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#, [P] < Lai bujhau v. a. m. Explain. < L. b.aeme>, explain it to him; < oRak^reko l. b.ena>, they talked the matter over and came to a decision in the house #(e. g., as regards their work).

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#, [P] < Lai caRiau v. a. m. Incite by telling. < ORak^ ho+R rean*ko l. c.kedea>, they incited him by telling him about his wife. #

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#, [P] < Lai cet^ adj., v. a. d. Instructed; instruct how to proceed. < L. c.kathateye l.ket^a, ban*khan o+ho+e l.lin^a>, he told as he was instructed to tell, or he would certainly not have mentioned me (brought my name in); < bes o+ko+c^te l. c.aepe>, instruct him carefully how he is to speak #(behave).

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#, [P] < Lai chuTi v. a. m. Tell and be done, give a final word. < L. ch.ketae, bae kamia>, he gave a final notice, he would not work (any longer); < l.^me, eman^am se+ bam eman^a>, tell me definitively whether you will give me or not; < in^ do+n^ l. ch.yena>, I have definitely said what I have to say #(have given my final answer, or have nothing more to say). %%% Obscure: < ch.ketae> "t" or "t^"? mn

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#, [P] < Lai dara >(< lai tora>)#, v. a. Tell when coming #(tell when going).

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#, [P] < Lai do+ho+ v. a. m. Tell beforehand, give information (about something to come). < L. d. katha kana, ban* baDaeak^ do+ ban* kana>, it is a matter that has been given information about, it is not something not known; < ato ho+R Thene l. d. akat^a, je+mo+n aloko ja~ha~ se+jok^>, he has given information to the village people, that they may not go anywhere. #

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#, [P] < Lai erka v. a. m. Put on the wrong track, frighten #(by false statements).

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#, [P] < Lai ghaNTao v. a. m. Involve, drag into, implicate falsely. < L. gh. katha kana, ban^ ro+R akat^a>, it is a statement falsely implicating me, I have not said so; < in^ko l. gh. akadin^a>, they have falsely implicated me. #

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#, [P] < Lai hapaTin^ v. a. Tell each other, make it known among themselves. < Amin^ laiat^mea, onko ho+~ laiakom, l., je+mo+n jo+to+ko baDae>, I have told you, you tell them also and tell it to each other, in order that all may know. #

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#, [P] < Lai labaR adj., v. a. m. Exaggerated, false; lie, tell falsehood, exaggerate. < L. l. katha kana, onka do+ ban* kana>, it is a false statement, it is not so; < alom l. l.a, e+ke+nem jhogRa ocokoa>, don't exaggerate, you will only set them up against each other. #

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#, [P] < Lai lokTha> (or < lukTha>)#, v. a. m. Implicate, drag into falsely. < Phalnae l. l. akadea, ban*khan ban* kanae kombRo uni do+>, she has falsely implicated so and so, else she is not the thief #(word especially used about women).

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#, [P] < Lai nalha v. a. lit. Earn wages telling, i. e., gossip and set people up against each other. < L. n.e daRan kana, ho+Re kaphariau ocoyet^koa>, he is going about telling (false tales) about people, he is making people quarrel; < l. n.te do+ cet^em n^amet^a>, what are you getting by gossiping #(the expression is used about people who go from one to another telling in each place what the other has said about the person addressed).

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#, [P] < Lai pasnao v. a. m. Spread telling, publish widely, proclaim. #

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#, [P] < Lai puTi v. a. m. Fill with false statements (make angry). < ORak^ ho+R rean*ko l. p.kedeteye dalkedea>, he beat his wife because they had filled him (lit. his stomach) with false statements about her. #

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#, [P] < Lai saDe v. a. m. Tell, let people know, make known. < L., ja~ha~nak^ at^ akantamkhan>, make it known, if you have lost anything. #

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#, [P] < Lai so+do+r v. a. m. Make known, publish, reveal. < L. s.kedeae>, she made it known to people that it was he. #

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#, [P] < Lai oko adj., v. a. m. Private, secret; tell privately, secretly. < L. o. katha kana, amin^ l. kana, alom lai baRaea>, it is a matter not told (private, secret), I am telling it to you in confidence, don't mention it. #

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#, [P] < L. guT v. a. m. To count up, total. #

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#, [P] < L. joRao v. a. m. Include in the count. < Phalnako l.j.kedea>, they included so and so in the counting. #

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#, [P] <^ v. a. m. Count together. < Bana ho+R reak^ Takako l.m.ket^a, mit^ isi hoeyena>, they counted the money of both together, it became twenty. #

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#, [P] < L. se+le+t^ v. a. m. Include in counting. #

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#, [P] < L.sumun* adj., v. a. m. Make an exact count; exactly what is counted. < L.s. Takan^ agu akat^a, baRti do+ banuk^tin^a>, I have brought the exact amount of money, I have nothing more; < l.s.ko joRo akat^a>, they have made up as many portions (of meat) as the number of people counted, < po+n Takako l.s.ket^a>, they counted out the exact number of bride-price rupees; < l.s.ena daka, ma idijon*pe>, the food has been exactly counted (to be sufficient for the people), serve it out. #(H. < lekha=>).

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#, [P] < L. ader adv., v. a. (Walking) on the outer edges of the sole; kick inside. < L.a.geye taRamet^a>, he walks stepping on the outer edges of the soles; < bandi l.aderpe, ban* bo+lo+k^ kana>, kick the paddy-bundle in, it will not go in (too large for the opening). #

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#, [P] < L. gan^jao v. a. m. Trample on, mix, knead by treading on. < Gachiko l.gan^jaoket^a>, they have trod the paddy-seedlings down (spoilt them); < aDiye Tho+k kanteko l.g.kedea>, they kicked and trampled on him (so that he became an inert mass), because he is so impudent. #

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#, [P] < v. a. m. Trample to pieces. #

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#, [P] < L. han* v. m. Slip, miss one's footing, step short (with one leg). < Mit^ jan*gan^ l.h.ena, thoRa ban^ n^u~rlena>, I stepped short with one leg, I just missed falling. #

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#, [P] < l.lahut^ v. a. m. Trample fine, tresh out. < MaNDako l.l.ket^a, aRak^kakope Dan*gra>, they have threshed out the straw spread out, let the bullocks loose. #

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#, [P] < L.laNDhu n., v. a. m. Tracks, footsteps; trample down. < Sukrikoak^ l.l.ten^ oDok he+c^ena>, I came out (of the forest) following the tracks of the pigs; < hoRoko l.l.ket^a>, they have trampled down the paddy. #(< MuNDari>< lebet^>.)

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#, [P] < Baha loa a kind of fig tree, the figs of which expand and break like a flower. ? Ficus Tsiela, Roxb. #

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#, [P] < BeRsa loa v. < beRsa>. #

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#, [P] < Seta loa v. < seta po+Do+>, Ficus hispida, L.fil. #(< MuNDari>, Ho < loa>.)