PROJECT: Premchand 2010
Premchand (1880-1936) is a well-known writer of Modern Hindi and Urdu languages.
Most of his Hindi short stories are collected in eight volumes under the title of Mansarovar (Hindi मानसरोवर).
The project Premchand 2010 has aimed to digitalize all the short stories contained in Mansarovar.
PROJECT: Premchand 2011
Premchand has often been reffered to as the Emperor of novels (Hindi उपन्यास सम्राट). During his life Premchand had completed 14 Hindi novels.
The project Premchand 2011 has digitalized The Gift of the Cow (Hindi गोदान) which is the last complete novel (published 1936) of Premchand.

Full-text search
The above projects (2010 and 2011) have made most of the masterworks of Premchand accessible to scholars and other users on the website providing full-text search.
full-text search how to use full-text search some sources of Mansarovar

Many editions and versions of Premchand's works (including short stories and novels) have been published by various publishers so far. As a result, unfortunately, the consistency of the texts has not so maintained as we expect. For instance some words are missing, inserted and changed, due mainly to the carelessness of compilers and typesetters for printing. The inconsistency of spelling may be ascribed partly to the variable orthography of modern Hindi language And moreover, in case of digital texts, the misuse of encoding such as Unicode has made the situation more difficult.
The present texts for full-text search are tentative ones. The work to make the text more accurate continues.
This work was made possible with support from the Information Resources Center (IRC), ILCAA.
The present full-text search system is based on the achievements of the porject Multilingual Concierge - An Interface for the Next Generation (2007-2009) granted under "the Strategic Information and Communications R & D Promotion Programme" (SCOPE) of the Japanese Ministry of International Affairs and Communication.
Hindi text encoding (Unicode, UTF-8) and Devanagari script processing was made possible with useful tools developed under the project Grammatological Informatics based on Corpora of Asian Scripts (GICAS), ILCAA.

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