PROJECT: Full-Text Search (2010)
How To Use Full-Text Search

1 font size You may choose your favorite font size for displaying, if necessary.
2 Sources Check the checkbox(es). The button Select All/ Clear will check/uncheck all the checkboxes.
3 Search Options Check one of the four options for retrieving. Basic the same string as you input.
Default option is Basic. Regex the strings matching regular expressions you input.
Word-set the corresponding strings defined in the word-set dictionary to be chosen.
Co-occurrence the string only when it co-occurs with the strings defined in the co-occurrence dictionary to be chosen.
4 Match Upper/Lower Case Check/uncheck the checkbox, if necessary. If unchecked (default status), no distinction between uppercase and lowercase, such as `A' and `a', is made in retrieving.
5 Enter the Item Input your target string and click the button Search.
6 Output Options Set up the options, if necessary. Hit Count Check/uncheck the checkbox. If checked, the current total frequency of matching will be shown.
Result to be Displayed Choose the number of the outputs which will be shown at the same time.
Hit String Choose the color in which the matched strings will be shown.

sample image of full-text search

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