The Research and Education Project for Middle East and Islamic Studies
This is a project of the Ministry of Education’s Special Account Budget for Education and Research. The exhibition is part of this project.
Portrait of Cairo in the 19th Century: A British Artist’s Perspective and Now
An online display of 29 lithographs created by British artists Robert Hay and Owen Carter from the 1820s to the 1830s, in possession of the Research Institute for Languages and Culture of Asia and Africa.
Luminous-Lint for Collectors and Connoisseurs of Fine Photography (USA)
“Egypt in the 19th century”
An online display of 53 old photographs of Egypt taken after 1850. A majority of these photographs are of ancient ruins, but 10–20% are of portraits and people’s everyday lives.
Charles Nes—Fine Art Photography (USA)
“Felix Bonfils, 100 Photographs: Egypt”
An online display of seven old photographs taken by Felix Bonfils, a French photographer that moved to Beirut, Lebanon, in 1867 and opened a photography studio. The number of photographs is small, but they are valuable portraits of people from that time.
Egypt Embassy, Egyptology & Tourist Promotion Office
Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Both links offer abundant information on Egypt and Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian Association of Japan
Introduction of Ethiopia’s history and other related information.