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The Research Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies makes available electronic reproductions of some of its publications on the worldwide web in pdf file and other forms. The ILCAA has obtained permission from the copyright holders in providing these electronic versions, and individuals are free to view, reproduce and print out whole or partial copies of them for private use, but for academic purposes only. This consent does not extend to other kinds of reproduction for non-academic purposes, such as reproduction for commercial, advertising and promotional purposes, or to any form of reproduction, printing, general distribution or preparation for general distribution that exceeds the limits of personal use, including posting on www/FTP services for sale to and use by other people. All such acts constitute an infringement of copyright and are strictly prohibited, no matter whether the reproductions are complete or partial. But users are free to set up links to these files. It is understood that all users of these electronic reproductions understand and agree to the above conditions.
Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa Monograph Series
Asian and African Lexicon
Textbooks for Language Training
Questionnaire/Language Education Materials
  • Questionnaire
  • Language Education Materials
  • Materials for Improvement of the Teaching Methods of Japanese and Other Asian and African Languages on the Basis of Their Contrastive Studies (all in Japanese)
  • Asian and African Grammatical Manuals
Language Information Processing
  • Computer Manual Series
  • Lexicological Studies
  • Data for the Study of Languages of Asia and Africa Series
Regional/ Cultural Research: East Asia
  • Computational Analyses of Asian & African Languages (CAAAL)
  • gWriting and Languageh Reference Materials
  • Studies of Linguistics and Cultural Contacts
  • Others
Regional/ Cultural Research: Southeast Asia
  • A Comparative Study on the Modes of Inter-action in Multi-ethnic Society
  • ILCAA Southeast Asian Studies
  • Cambodian Studies
  • Others
Regional/ Cultural Research: South Asia
  • Studies on Agrarian Societies in South Asia
  • A Historical Study on the Partition of India (in Japanese)
  • Study of Modern Indo-Pakistani Literature
  • South Asian Monographs
  • Integral Study on the Ecology, Languages and Cultures of Tibet and Himalayas (YAK)
  • Monumenta Serindica
  • Studies in Socio-cultural Change in Rural Villages in Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Socio-cultural Change in Villages in Tiruchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Studies in Socio-cultural Change in Rural Villages in Bangladesh
  • Comparative Study of Community Organization in South Asia
Regional/ Cultural Research: West Asia
  • Report on Islamization and Modernization in Asia and Africa
  • Turks and the Islamic World
  • Research on the Mechanism of Cultural Contacts in the Islamic World (in Japanese)
  • Studia Culturae Islamicae
Regional/ Cultural Research: Africa
  • Comparative Studies of Societies in Africa
  • ILCAA African Languages and Ethnography
  • Sudan Sahel Studies
  • Bantu Vocabulary Series
  • Bantu Linguistics (ILCAA)
  • Boucle du Niger|approches multidisciplinaires
  • African Urban Studies
  • ILCAA African Literature Series
  • Bargery Toolbox, based on Rev. G. P. Bargery's A Hausa-English Dictionary
  • African Language Study Series
  • Others
Regional/ Cultural Research: Other Areas
  • AA-Ken Caribbean Study Series
  • South Asians Abroad Series
  • Others
Regional/ Cultural Research: Extensive Areas
  • ILCAA Monograph Series on History and Folk
  • Reprint Series: Japanese Language and Culture
  • Performance in Culture
  • Nationalism in Asia and Its International Relations
  • Religious Movements in Asia and Africa
  • Asian and African Linguistics
  • Others

@From the outset, the Institute has published results of current research on the languages, cultures and history of Asia and Africa.
@ILCAA publications included in the following list are forwarded to research institutions on an exchange basis, but are not available for sale.
@Individual researchers may obtain complimentary copies by writing to the Editorial Committee, or the author. Items with prefix.
Book No.TitleAuthorYear
A040Mon Vocabulary.SAKAMOTO, Yasuyuki.1976.

ILCAA publications included in the list are forwarded to research institutions on an exchange bases, but are not available for sale. In response to individual offers or requests, complimentary copies by the process of gbooks-on-demandsh will be provided after obtaining permission by the author with the letter of consent. For more information, please write to us by either mail, fax or E-mail (publ@aa.tufs.ac.jp).
@To request for a publication of ILCAA, please write down your (1) name (2) mailing address (3) phone/fax number (4) institutional affiliation (5) book number (e.g. A---) (6) purpose for the request, and send it to the address indicated below by either mail, fax or e-mail (publ@aa.tufs.ac.jp).

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